Your Net Radio
Talk Show.

We are not “Experts”. Just plain folks like you.


About Us

We are not going to shove a bunch of Topics down your throat when they do not mean crap to you. You bring your own Topic. Share your Issues. Voice your Opinions and put your two cents of good sense in. We will talk about things that are of your concerns.

And More.

If you need to go one on one with a fellow listener, we will Conference you two so you can talk directly to each other on the show. Live! If you are pissed off, you do not have to be polite because you are on Internet Radio. We will not be! Because if you get on our last nerve by being Stupid or a Jackass, we will let you know it on the spot. We cannot afford to have a heart attack or have our blood pressure raised to the roof of our patience. Do not fake it.

Just be yourself.

If you do not like us, let us know it frankly. If you like us, we will take your admiration shamelessly. If you are an expert in anything, you are welcome to bring some light to our Lantern. Carpenters, policemen, painters, doctors, plumbers, lawyers, financial advisers, electricians, gardeners, CPA, whatever your skill, please feel free to jump in any time we are stuck for the right answer to give to our listeners.